Saturday, August 17, 2013


It's pretty great that Brent and I both have our birthdays in the summer. Mine was in June and Brent's in August. Here are a couple pictures for the events.

I love pie. Most of all I love my mom's pie. We had my family over for dinner than got to eat pie for dessert. It was so fun having them over. They always are feeding and helping us that it's nice to give back. 

See? Good looking pie right?

Brent also made me a special breakfast in the morning. Waffles with strawberries. He really takes care of me and is so thoughtful. 

Brent had to work on his birthday...but we made the most of the night when he got home. I marinated steaks all day and we cooked them up! Well..Brent cooked them up. I felt a little bad, but I don't know how to grill. 

BIG 25! He hates when I take so many pictures of him...

Here's the finished meal. We had corn, the amazing steaks (the marinade was heavingly...i was so glad it turned out) and roasted cauliflower. 

See? Happy boy :) He's all about the food.