Monday, June 10, 2013

Date Night Pottery

So, remember when I was talking about trying Brent's hobbies? Well, he was a good sport and tried one of mine. I absolutely love painting. I just love creating something from a blank page. So Brent took us out to dinner (thank all the people who gave us gift cards to allows us to have a nice date dinner) then surprised me by taking me to a pottery art studio. We picked out a bowl to paint and did a natural scene. We were very scared for how it would turn out (especially since I made Brent paint a few things...haha just joking he did great). So here's the masterpiece!!

Here's my tree.

Here is Brent's tree

Brent did the lake and he was VERY proud of it. 

This is the inside. We wanted it to look like a pond with leaves floating on the surface. 

I had so much fun, and I want to go back again! I think once we're settled down in a house I'll make all our dishes...I might be getting ahead of myself with an impossible task, but we'll see. Anyways, we love our bowl. A little too much actually. Right now it just sits on our table because we're afraid to use it. It's just too pretty....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day

Everyone tries to be good at something. And most of the time, I try really hard to be a good wife. This envolves a lot of trying my Hubby's hobbies. Brent loves to bike. He's just really good at it and loves to do it all the time. Before we got married, I hadn't riden a bike since 5th or 6th grade. About two weeks after we got married Brent bought me a bike, and ever since I've been trying to like it. It took awhile, but now i'm really getting into it (funny note: The day after we got my bike I got hit by a car. I blame this incident on me not liking biking for awhile). Now I love it and I ride my bike everywhere! Cars still make me nervous, but I'm finally getting over that.
So we live in Provo and my parents live in American Fork, a few towns away. We can usually get there in 25 minutes in a car. Recently, they built this huge trail that connects all the cities. IT IS AMAZING. No cars, runs for miles and miles and is very well paves and very pretty. So Brent and I decided to bike to my parents in American Fork for Memorial Day weekend. Here's our route:

We traveled from Provo, which is the bottom right corner, up to the green section in American Fork! It was a good 14 miles or so. Here is us on the return journey

It was so fun and I was really surprised at how easy it ended up being. We made the trip in one hour and 23 minutes! Pretty fast in my opinion. We had so much fun at my parents house too! They put on an awesome breakfast and a bunch of my family came over. I think we'll be making this trip a lot more often this summer.