Monday, October 26, 2015

Busy but not productive

At least Isaac is still alive. That's what I remind myself sometimes late at night when I'm trying to sleep and my thoughts sift through the days events. How come the undone dishes, the dirty floor, empty fridge, the unsolved problems and dirty laundry is all I can focus on? I'm not a perfectionist. Far from it sometimes, usually I try to be laid back about life in general. But I'm slowly starting to realize I base my success as a mom off the things I get done at home and that's not right.
So tonight, I flip through my phone and laugh/cry at the videos and photos I've taken of Isaac this week. Those sweet smiles just for me, those first steps he takes to crawling, and those little hands that always reach for me.

What an amazing calling, being a mom. It's such a roller coaster of slamming your forehead against the wall as your child protests his nap angrily for the 3rd time that day to those moments when they gaze up at you after eating and reach up so you'll kiss their little chubby hands and giggle. Even though it's hard to get up at 2am to go feed Isaac, sometimes I'll spend an extra five minutes just holding him as he rests on my shoulder, fingering my hair and softly cooing to me, telling me all about his day and how he feels. That reminds me that I did do a lot that day. I took care of Isaac and all his needs, and he doesn't care if the dishes are done, he only cares that I'm there to hold him and sing him his favorite songs.

This week we didn't do much. One of the key founders of a technique Brent is really interested in came to speak at the school, and Isaac and I came to watch. We had Stake Conference this weekend and it's at the chapel right next to the temple. It was wonderful to walk around the beautiful grounds on such a perfect day. I'm so grateful for the gospel in our lives. I truly know that by following Christ's teachings I am blessed. I have tried to be better like my husband and really set aside time to read the Book of Mormon every day. It's amazing how events that happened thousands of years ago are so similar to life now. I learn so much as I gain hero's and recognize how to change and become better. 

Last night Brent took Isaac up to give him his bath before bedtime. As a side note, I have such an awesome husband who never complains when I ask for him to help and often helps before I ask. I finished my dinner and walked up the stairs to hear Brent reading to Isaac about Joseph Smith. I'm so grateful to have a husband who is on the same page as me of raising our children in the beautiful gospel. 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Deep moment of the week, (I am loving all these new talks from out General Conference for our church)

I think the hardest thing to accept as a Mother, in my weak selfish times, is that I will never get a break. Even if I wanted to, my body will not allow me to. It is impossible to ignore Isaac at night when he's crying to be fed, no matter how exhausted I am. It is impossible for me to not plan around his schedule and life constantly. My whole world and being revolves around a little child. So when President Holland gave his talk 'Behold They Mother', I was struck by a few of his ideas. The first is this:

"When Isaiah, speaking messianically, wanted to convey Jehovah’s love, he invoked the image of a mother’s devotion. “Can a woman forget her sucking child?” he asks. How absurd, he implies, though not as absurd as thinking Christ will ever forget us."

I have never fully understood Christ's love for me. I struggle with long-distance relationships. I have ruined a few of these simply because I'm a 'here and now' sort of person. I need to be with the person on a weekly basis to feel the connection. So I have struggled with the very long-distance type of relationship with Christ. But being a Mother, and feeling that constant love for Isaac and the need to help him, I understand his love so much more. If I cannot forget Isaac, who I have born, delivered, and carried, how could Christ forget me when he has done the same for me?

Anyway, deep moment of the week. 

Isaac turns 7 months tomorrow. I'm really not sure where the time went, but this doesn't bode well for the next 7 months of his life. They are going to be just as fast I'm sure. 
7 months
Big personality
goes to bed every night at 7, much to his parent's delight
loves his rubber ducky
talks up a storm, especially when tired
eats lots of purees and carrot sticks
sits up really well
Takes 2 naps a day
Loves walks
Hates being left in a room by himself, especially if we are eating in the other room
Has started grinning at me and chuckling at things we do

These pictures aren't great. They're not even good. But they are excellent at showing what torture goes on around here to Isaac. He loves it though and has a habit of clinging to Brent's hands when he's being swung.

He loves his ball but it always rolls away from him. When it does he gets super sad, even after the ball has been returned.

Brent and I have become obsessed with Indian food lately. It is just so good! We have an Indian place right by our house that has a lunch buffet for $8.99. I honestly feel like I'm robbing them by the amount of food we put away, but we love it!

Our attempt at making him crawl. He HATES that we put him just out of reach of all his toys. Not sure if this is going to make him crawl or damage him emotionally for life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mom Visit

We got lucky and had back-to-back visits from family. My mother came for a week to help us out and see Isaac. We took her to the Alameda beach by our house for some fun water time.

Then we had the awesome opportunity to tour NASA with my cousin Jonathan who works there. We saw some awesome things and got to even see his lab where they test the robots they are making to go into space!

We had to get all official and bring ID and get passes in order to get in through security.

 This is Mars. Literally. They built this big area with a similar surface to mars so they can test their robots on it.

Hanger 1! It was so cool seeing all the airplanes in the hangers. 

Flight simulator anyone? 

It was my Mom's birthday while she was here.  I made her yummy frozen banana treats!

 She bought us pumpkins and this is Isaac's. He was rather taken with it. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Froberg Visit

Well I have struggled blogging while we've had so much company visiting the last two weeks. So here is a blog Tuesday...a week and a day late.

At our new apartment, we occasionally smell some wonderful aromas. We have a coffee factory right by our house, and also the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. I blame this on my now large consumption of chocolate every week. Anyway, Brent finished his first Board exam, AND got a 4.0 this quarter so I took him to the factory outlet at the chocolate factory for a treat. He was very surprised and had a great time picking out all their amazing chocolates. Then I realized I forgot my we had to drive back home to get it to pay for the chocolate. So my treat turned more into a mistake of mine, which is only funny now that I look back on it.

Isaac's first swing experience. He was wide-eyed but stone faced the entire time. Well, hopefully he'll like it more one day. 
During a skype session with Brent's parents, they decided they couldn't handle being away from Isaac any longer so they were coming to visit. I can't blame them, the little guy is pretty cute. So they came to visit us last week, and we had a great time!

We went to two beaches while they were here and San Francisco. The city is amazing, it's so busy and there are so many cool things to see but BOY is it crazy.

We took them to a new beach that is closer to us in Alameda. It's such a nice beach because it is Bay water so it's warmer and calmer. Isaac loved the water, watching it mesmerized and splashing in it.

Isaac loves to play with my hair. In other words, I have lost a lot of hair lately. 

Our next beach was north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Beach, and was a long drive. The beach itself was beautiful, but unfortunately there were sand lice there. Lots of them. Which was really gross. But something else made it totally worth it. We stay a pod of dolphins!! They were by the shore and they were amazing! The tide went out and we had so much fun exploring the tide pools. There were hundreds of sea anemone and a few fun crabs.

We rode the BART into San Francisco because parking there not only is stressful, but expensive. The BART is always an experience. I like how fast it goes and looking out at the houses, but some weird people ride it.

We got a day pass to ride the Cable Cars and had a great time going up those amazing hills on the streets. We walked up Lombard street which was a huge workout, especially for Brent carrying the stroller up the hills/steps. It is amazing how huge and beautiful the houses are in San Francisco. We spent the rest of the day exploring on the Cars and Buses, finishing with a ride into the sunset on a hill. Isaac did so good, only having one fit the entire time. He loves to see things and be outside.  It was an awesome trip, but the most exciting thing was seeing Isaac with his Grandparents. Brent and I love him so much that it's fun to share him with our parents.

View from on top of Lombard Street