Thursday, January 30, 2014

Froberg Christmas (better late than never)

I know Christmas was over a month ago, and I'm only JUST getting to talking about it, but hey, I'm going to blame school.

We spent Christmas with Brent's family. I have spent the last three Christmas breaks with his family, which actually really surprised me. Three whole years! I know it's silly but I really miss my family's traditions and being with them. However, this year was really wonderful at the Frobergs. I've known them for a few years now, but this was the first year I felt like I belonged in the family. Not sure what changed, probably just in my head.

The airplane ride was short and sweet (for a person like me, who can't stand being in a car longer than 20 minutes, it was heaven). However, we ran into trouble when someone took our bag. We had to wait for a while until the airport called him and had him come back to switch bags. Brent's sister and brother-in-law had to wait the whole time...poor people.

We were greeted by a bunch of snow! We had so much fun with Brent's nephews and niece playing in the snow.

 Isn't Brent going to be a great dad?? yay!

Emmett spent most of the time throwing snowballs at me. 

With a cute face like that...I could get a whitewash and not get mad!

'Bama' watched from the sidelines.

The kids were loving sledding.

Later that week we went on a hike to point Whitehorn. The kids were so fun! Carson was always racing ahead with the 'big' boys to hide and scare us. 

Brent and I had a wonderful time with family and couldn't have asked for a better Christmas break.