Monday, August 31, 2015

Mommy Battles

Many people have asked me if Motherhood is easier or harder than I thought it would be. My answer always seems to surprise people; "Easier". But that one word answer doesn't really do my meaning justice. See, I've had a lot of experience with children. From babysitting, family and nannying to my career, I have been knee deep in children. So I knew that being a mom would be a lot of work.
When I was pregnant, I found myself liking the kids, but very dissatisfied with the task. I was bored for one thing. So I figured being a mom would be similar and I despaired about what I was getting myself into. It turns out that it is completly different with your own child. So all the amount of work is still there, doubled by 24/7 attention to this little child. But it is easier because I am so in love with my baby. I love to do the work, which always makes things, 'easier'.

These past few weeks I have met my match with what I have to give up to be a good mom. Isaac has struggled with his bowel movements since day one. However, I was ignorant of how much he struggled until recently because I thought it was normal! Here is my first child, with no prior knoweldge, so I figured everything was normal. However, several strong warning signs woke me up to the danger. I did some research and also went to his doctor and we were able to figure out the culprit. Dairy. And soy. And eggs. and wheat. Possibly all or just some of them.

So I took everything out of my diet! Luckily, dinners at our household are always meat and vegetable based anyways, so there hasn't been a big change there. But lunches and breakfasts are hard! I finally found a great lunch, thanks to my sister-in-law.

Spicy sausage with Zucchini Noodles

I've seen such a huge improvement though, it is amazing. We've gone from 15 diapers a day to 6, it's amazing.

We just signed the contract of our new apartment, and I'll be blogging next week about the move! Isaac woke up sick yesterday and is miserable, so we will see how fun this week will be with me packing and holding him at the same time.

Monday, August 24, 2015

6 Months of Review

I have decided to focus more on my blog and less on social media lately. Because of this, I will be posting on my blog at least every Monday. Because so much is happening right now, I might post more often than that to keep track of everything.

The last six months have flown by so quickly. It must be the sleep deprivation, but I don't remember half of it. So here is the bits I do remember (or that I was wise enough to write down).

We had a baby! If you are not currently aware of this, then you are probably on the wrong blog and don't know me. We had my mom here for three weeks, and she was a huge help! It is so fun to have family come visit us. We love showing off the nice weather, amazing farmer's markets, beaches, and our child.

He has grown so much that I barely recognize the newborn pictures of him. Want to know a secret?  I look at them and go, hmmmm, he wasn't that cute, but at the time I was obsessed with him. I feel like no mom ever admits that. Don't get me wrong, I still think he's the most amazing child in the world. Here is the countdown:

He's turned into quite the little man! In July we also went up to Washington to visit family and have Isaac's blessing. He looked so sweet in his outfit and it was so special to have all our family there to bless him. It was so hot that day with no AC and poor Isaac got super hot in his outfit.

We were able to stay at Brent's sister's farm! They just bought the place and it is amazing. All of Isaac's cousins were so sweet with Isaac. It made me really excited to have multiple children! They would watch and entertain him whenever! Brent taught me some spanish children songs to sing to Isaac and Adele really caught on to them. It was amazing how fast she learned the words and proceeded to teach others and sing to Isaac. Both videos are kind of weird, but these are the songs!

 Brent's parents have a boat and we got to go shrimping and crabbing with them. It is so beautiful to be out on the ocean! Isaac did very good too, even napping on the boat! Also, I grew to like prawns. I've decided the only reason I didn't like seafood was because I'd didn't have enough exposure as a child. It makes such a big difference when you have it fresh, too!

I have fallen in love with Washington, especially the area where Brent's family lives. People have warned me that if I lived there I'd get very sick of the rain, but I will risk it for the beautiful lakes and trees!