Monday, January 25, 2016

Life's an Adventure

This week has been great! One of the reasons that I have felt so great this week is exercise! I am braving the early mornings to work out, even if Isaac wakes me up three times during the night. I've found that if I wait for a perfect opportunity (aka good nights sleep) to work out, it never happens. Often I think that I'm too busy or too tired to add something new to my schedule. But as soon as I start adding it, I find I have even more time! Like scripture reading, or the new book I'm reading called Choosing Glory (which is a fantastic look at what our choices in this life lead us to in the next), or blogging, or working out! 

Another reason this week was awesome is we found some new places to visit! California really has so many cool parks and hikes to go on. 

This is at a wild animal reservation in Hayward. They have tons of birds, coyote, foxes, snakes, etc that have been harmed in the wild and need assistance. The golden eagle was my personal favorite. Even though she was missing one wing, she was so beautiful!

The only time Isaac gets snuggly is when it's close to nap time. We enjoy it...immensely. 

Another hike we took on Sunday by our large lake. 

I have been enjoying cooking so much lately! I love trying new recipes, usually twice a week. Good thing I married a good eater. This is last nights dinner, it was delicious. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First week of the Quarter

Rain. Every day. I feel like we live in Washington already, or London. I have a weather app that shows the storms around the world. It's a sad hobby, but I always check the U.K. and it's raining every day. Anyway, this week has been so wet! It's hard to get out for walks when it's pouring, but it is transforming this place! It is so green and beautiful now! But now we really celebrate the sun when it comes!

Since we've moved into our new home, Brent and I have been dying to plant a garden. We have a small backyard that will be perfect for the three of us. Most seeds are recommended to start in January, so we planted yesterday!

We were in a dilemma about what to do with Isaac while we worked outside. He puts everything in his mouth right now! But finally I decided I can't be one of those moms that never lets her kids do anything over fear of what could happen. I've always wondered if I'd be too uptight and strict on my kids. I'm a huge worrier, and often I let my fear of what could happen rule my life. So we let him play on the ground with us. You know what? He did eat dirt. But he loved it, so it was worth it.

With much rain comes...much weeds. 

Pulling up some stones for more space

One big thing (for us) that happened this week is Isaac really cut up his finger. The kid went through three bandaids before it quit bleeding. I pulled the frantic card and tried to call my mom to ask if this much bleeding was normal or not. In true Isaac fashion, he wasn't fazed. 

Brent is so happy that Isaac is big enough to sit on his shoulders now. First, because Isaac is over 23 lbs now and is HEAVY to carry around, and second because it is so fun! Isaac loves to play with Brent's ears while we walk. 

"Really Mom? More pictures? Geez lady"

Bath time! Sometimes as a mom it's hard to be responsible for everything. I do every little thing for Isaac that sometimes it's nice to get a break. Luckily I have an awesome husband who has taken over bathtime every night before bed. I think it is very good for bonding time for them, and I get to be all lazy on the couch for 10 minutes and read! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Vacation!

It is always amazing to have a break between quarters at Brent's school. We get so burned out from the quarter. I say we, because even though I'm not in school with Brent I share his frustrations, deadlines, and stress on a day-to-day basis. This last quarter was really good for Brent though. He was able to be home so much; it really spoiled me.

We were able to go to my parent's home for Christmas. It was so much fun to walk off the plane and have them meet Isaac. He changes so much in a few months time, that I feel like he is a new person each time they see him. After a few hours of staring them down, he warmed up and ended up loving his time there. He loved his Uncle Mitch, who really played with him and taught him some bad habits, like roaring. Thank you Mitch. I mean it. So much.

One of the things I love the most about my family is that we are very musical. I really miss having a piano while living in California. So it was fun to introduce Isaac to playing!

My family always makes a big gingerbread house together. Brent made a pretty impressive igloo

Grandpa had the job of keeping Isaac away. He was very determined to grab some of it!

I love this picture of my dad cracking up because Isaac wanted the house so bad. My parents give me so much that when I see their joy over Isaac I feel like I'm able to give them something in return for all they have done. 

My mom surprised us by getting a sled for Isaac. It was SO cute to see him pulled around in it. The little stinker wouldn't even crack a smile though! But I know he enjoyed, because he does the same thing when I take him on walks and he loves those. 

As you can see, there were no shortage of willing people to pull him around. Even his cousin Elly pulled him around for awhile. 

Isaac was not impressed with the amount of clothes needed for going outside in the snow. As you can see. 

My mom made an amazing Christmas Eve meal, and of course my favorite is the Ham and the salad. But seriously, look at that salad. 

Brent and I set up the luminaries outside, they looked beautiful. However, Christmas eve and day we got an enormous amount of snow. The luminaries ended up getting buried and my mom is still finding the bags. 

The amount of snow we got:

Opening Christmas Eve's pajamas 

All the cousins together!! It was so wonderful to spend time with my brother Spencer's family. He married the perfect woman for him. She is so spunky and such a good mother. She is also a saint for having twins. Just saying. 

I know Payton, the eldest well, but Elly has never warmed up to me. It doesn't help that I only see her once a year. This time we had a blast though. We snuck downstairs and went through all the old photos of my parents. She would laugh so hard and show me a particularly awesome hairdo or their huge glasses. 

Our traditional Christmas breakfast, German Pancakes and fruit. 

We got to Skype my brother who is on his LDS mission in Calgary! It was the first time we've seen him since Mother's day. 

My Christmas present. I got an upgraded wallet from the one I've had since high school. Isn't it gorgeous? Brent always does such a good job at my gifts. 

One of the best things that came out of our trip was Isaac has decided he loves food. I have been a little worried about his lack of interest and intake for awhile. But, just like everything, he does it at his own pace. 

Isaac had fun exploring a new home. 

My mom's best friend is an amazing photographer. Seriously, she does such a good job. She was so kind to do our photos for us, and here is a small sneak peak :)

The plane ride home was a long one. Luckily a couple gave up their seats so we could sit by them. Then Isaac wouldn't nap and screamed and screamed. Our neighbors were so kind and even one lady in the back of the plane who is a pediatrician came up to ask if I needed anything. It's small stuff like that that remind me that God is watching out for us. Often it is such small instances that you can justify it as being luck or a person's kindness. However, I have learned there is no such thing as luck, there are just blessings. 

I'm so grateful for the wonderful trip we had and the time we had to spend with my family. However, it is nice to be home and start up on our daily routine again.