Sunday, December 15, 2013

Looking Back: Labor Day

Well, teaching is over: I cried. I loved my kids like they were my own children. They all wrote a note to me that my mentor teacher bound in a book for me. They were so wonderful, my favorites saying things like: I like Mrs. Froberg because she's beautiful, or I like Mrs. Froberg because she helps me, I like Mrs Froberg because she always smiles at me. It's nice to know that I didn't scar or ruin any children, so I take that as a sign I can keep going.

Now, I told you guys that I had a million pictures, just no time to blog about them. So here's a quick look back at one.

Labor Day Weekend

We went with my family and some long time family friends to Idaho. We always camp at this river each year. Our friends always bring tubes and a canoe and float the river for a few hours. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Brent had too much fun with my brothers. He taught them how to catch some sucker fish with their hands and the boys thought he was a superhero. I was just glad to see he had some survival tactics up his sleeve if we ever needed it. I would need to have gone three days without food to eat it first though.

We had our cute little 2-man tent next to my parents. That thing if smaller than our bed at home. Seriously. At least we were snug and warm. 

We spent Labor Day at Yellowstone National Park. It was way too busy, but we got to see some cool hot springs which is all I wanted anyway. 

Old Faithful. Still faithful. 

It was a wonderful trip, I love camping with my family. There is always some fun games going on, or music, or teasing, or really good food. All activities I love.