Monday, February 17, 2014

Peasant Wife

Brent and I got a gift certificate to a fancy italian restaurant in town. The food was amazing, especially the homemade sauces. I got a bit inspired and have been obsessed with making italian food lately.
Sadly...pasta is really hard to make by hand. The mixing part is fine, but rolling it out takes some serious muscle. I would usually be sweaty and panting after it. So we used some money from our wedding (yeah...we still have some) to buy a pasta roller/cutter. It has been so amazing! Nothing beats fresh pasta and fresh sauce.

Brent came home from his church meetings yesterday and laughed at me. He called me his 'peasant wife'. I guess kneeling on the floor barefoot with floor all over you makes a person a peasant.

In other news, I never posted about the trip my family made during Christmas Break! We got to go to Arizona then Bryce Canyon. It was beautiful, and we had so much fun as a family. It was our last trip before Taylor went on his mission. My parent's surprised all of us with a helicopter ride through the canyon...pretty special! So here is a collage.

 (doesn't this one look like a sideways face?)


Monday, February 3, 2014


So Brent did a summer sales job last year. The only good thing (besides some money I guess) that came of that job is we got two tickets for an all day pass at a snow resort. Brent has been snowboarding for awhile, but I've never been. So we went snowboarding!

It was actually really frustrating. I biffed it off the snow lift the first time and was unable to get up for a long time. Mostly because it is impossible to get up. I had my good little cry then Brent came over and picked me up. He helped teach me for three hours until I'd had enough. 

It was really fun, and I was starting to get a hang of it, but I was so tired. It is a really good workout. I have been pretty passionate about learning to speak Spanish, so I went into the car and practiced on our ipad while Brent did his own thing on the slopes. We had a great day!