Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art Retreat

Sorry no post yesterday, Isaac has been sick since Sunday night and frankly, blogging was last on my list of survival activities. 

This has been a fun last week! I really pulled out my inner artist. I made a Halloween sign...after Halloween. But hey, I finished it, and it will be great for next year. It was so difficult to get Isaac to cooperate with the paint. He is so ticklish so painting his feet really set him off.

My other project is painting baby animals for Isaac's room. I saw this long canvas and knew I needed to do a giraffe. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Also, we have family about 40 minutes away from us. They have saved us so much by giving us everything we have needed for Isaac. So, since we don't have much to offer them, I decided to take their oldest for a weekend retreat. She loves art so I pumped tons of art lessons and projects into her! It was exhausting to do it with Isaac crawling around, but we got some fun art in.

Now, for lots of Isaac entertainment:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Crawler on the loose!

I totally called it, Isaac is crawling now! Nothing is safe anymore, that's for sure. It's so fun to have him underfoot while I cook and to see him explore the world on his own.

This week a friend took pictures for us to use in our Christmas card. While I will not be posting any spoilers, I will post some fun pictures Brent took on the sidelines.

I'm so excited to send out Christmas cards for the first time. 

Isaac has been eating and sleeping HORRIBLY since he started crawling. I'm up every 1-2 hours with him EVERY night. I am so exhausted, he wasn't this bad even as a newborn! I'm trying really hard to be positive about it, so I enjoy his cuddles all night long, even if I'm half asleep. Naps are iffy, and usually involve lots of screaming. When he does fall asleep, this is his new pose. I don't know how that is comfortable, but to each his own. 

At Garin park! It was a beautiful day on Saturday. It has started getting cold...and I'm such a Califonian now because 'cold' is 63-68 degrees. But Saturday was nice when we were out!

"Quite taking pictures mom!"

Monday, November 2, 2015


This has been a fun week! Isaac has become pretty mobile, and I would bet good money that he will be crawling by the end of this week. He is so close right now, but mostly he moves his bum around to different sitting positions. It's so nice now that he can move around because he is happier to be left on his own. 

Brent has been doing well in school. Last quarter he took his first round of National Board exams. We found out of Monday that he passed! It is a huge relief, and I'm so proud of him. He studied for several  hours every day, and I'm so glad we don't have to do it over again.  

Brent and I used to be really good at sending pictures to family, but we've been lacking. So we made Isaac hand turkeys which turned out to be very difficult. We're lucky we got even one good handprint. 

 Isaac is VERY good at sitting up on his own now. Which means nap time takes forever because I have to go back in every 3-5 minutes and lay him back down. Sometimes I find him in funny positions, and this one cracked me up.

I love going to the park with friends. California has some very nice parks, and luckily the best ones are really close to us! 

We have several elderly women in our court that are the sweetest people. They love to sit out on their porches and talk. Isaac recently stole one of their hearts, Sharon, because he will smile at her now. When he meets new people he usually just stares them down. But now that he's warmed up to her he is all smiles. So she brought by a halloween gift for him, which was so sweet of her.

And now for lots of cute pictures of Isaac, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm obsessed with my child. 

All dressed up for our farmers market

Seeing if pumpkin tastes good

Our church put on a giant Trunk-or-Treat activity Halloween night. It was really fun with games and yummy food.

 Brent's pumpkin is of an atlas bone (aka the top bone in your neck). He is such a nerd, so everything in our life revolves around chiropractic. 

Our Halloween breakfast. Brent came up with this idea all on his own! 

Isaac and I go on at least two walks a day around our neighborhood. He loves being outside, can you tell?