Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Utah Vacation...minus Brent

Yes. I took a vacation back in June without my husband. Do I feel bad? Maybe. But did I have fun anyway? Heck yes!

I am loving Allegiant airlines. Don't get me wrong, they're not extravagant planes, and they get delayed very often and have fees you have to know how to avoid. But when I can fly home for around $100 round trip? I'll kiss the ground they walk on because I can see my family more frequently.

I was nervous to fly solo with Isaac. It turned out to be fine, just like it always is.

We got to visit Isaac's 'great grandmother' who was my next-door neighbor all growing up. Isaac had so much fun as she pushed him around the home where she lies!

We went to the Bean Museum at BYU because Isaac is really into animals lately. He had so much fun pointing and looking at them.

We made yummy wraps for girls night with my cousin Paige. 

We went up the canyon for a campfire and Isaac ate all the dirt in the world. 

We went to Thanksgiving Point's farm and Isaac had so much fun looking at the animals. It was so sweet how his cousins wanted to push around his stroller the whole time. 

It was wonderful to see Isaac with my family. 

We went to the Museum of Curiosity and had so much fun in all the rooms. Isaac got dressed up as a fairy. I blame his aunt. 

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